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Live event: What cannabis legalization from election means



After the results of Tuesday’s vote, one thing is clear: Americans overwhelmingly support cannabis reform.

One-third of Americans will live in places where marijuana is legal for all adults over the age of 21, after four states — including New Jersey and Arizona — voted Tuesday to legalize the drug for recreational use, and Mississippi backed legalizing medical marijuana. It’s a massive shift from a decade ago when no state had a legal recreational marijuana market.

Join Business Insider cannabis reporters Jeremy Berke and Yeji Jesse Lee in conversation with healthcare editor Zachary Tracer, who will be breaking down what the ballot initiatives mean for cannabis companies, consumers, and the future of cannabis policy in the US at 3:00 PM EDT on Tuesday.

We’ll also be taking your questions about anything from when you can buy marijuana legally in your state, to what this means for states like New York who have tried to pass legalization in the past.

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