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Live blog: MPs vote on crucial Brexit amendments for Theresa May



Good morning from Westminster!

What will today bring for Theresa May? Later tonight MPs will vote on amendments which if passed would basically re-write her Brexit plan.

Remember: This is happening after MPs voted down the prime minister’s deal earlier this month by a record-breaking margin of 230 votes.

We won’t know which amendments will be voted until House of Commons Speaker John Bercow chooses them at around lunchtime today.

However, it is widely expected that Bercow will select the plan put forward by Labour MP Yvette Cooper and Tory Nick Boles to delay Brexit if there is no approved deal by the end of February, and the government-backed amendment put forward by Conservative Brexiteer Graham Brady to replace the controversial backstop for Northern Ireland with another set of arrangements.

With 11 hours or so to go until these votes take place, many MPs are yet to decide how they’ll vote. They could be crucial in what are shaping up to really close votes.

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