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Lebron James on Trump: ‘I would never sit across from him’



Lebron James
James addresses the media after the opening ceremonies of the I
Promise School on July 30, 2018 in Akron,

Jason Miller/Getty

  • Lebron James says he believes President Donald Trump
    tries to use sports to “divide” people and said “I would never
    sit across from him,” if asked.
  • James sat with CNN’s Don Lemon for an interview that
    aired Monday night, during which he talked about his
    philanthropy, social issues, and politics — including the
    racial climate in the US under Trump.
  • Asked what he would say to Trump if he had an audience
    with the president, James said “I would never sit across from

Lebron James has some thoughts about the racial climate in the US
under President Donald Trump. The NBA all-star and four-time MVP

gave a wide-ranging interview to CNN’s Don Lemon
aired Monday night, during which he talked about Trump’s rhetoric
toward professional athletes of color.

“What I’ve noticed over the last few months, he’s kinda used
sports to divide us, and that’s something I can’t relate to,”
James said, referring to Trump’s tendency to lash out at athletes
who communicate their views on politics through word and action.

Colin Kaepernick, a former quarterback for the San Francisco
49ers, has been at the forefront of that practice by kneeling on
the field during the national anthem, a silent protest against
police brutality and civil injustice.

Other athletes have used their platforms to reject discriminatory
rhetoric from Trump and his administration.

The Golden State Warriors are another example. The team
preemptively declared they would not accept an invitation to the
White House after they won the NBA championship last fall,

a move that prompted Trump to lash out on Twitter

Trump has attempted to flip the narrative on the athletes’
demonstrations and frame them as an insult to patriotism and US
service members, seemingly ignoring that the act of protest is
protected by the US Constitution’s First Amendment, and is, by
itself, patriotic.

During his CNN interview, James said “I can’t sit back and say
nothing” in the face of the president’s scapegoating.

On Monday,
James took part in the grand opening of the I Promise School

in Akron, Ohio. The public school, in which James is a
stakeholder through the Lebron James Family Foundation, serves
240 third and fourth-grade students, and will expand to grades
one through eight by 2022.

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