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Leaked Trump 2020 polls show Biden leading, campaign cuts pollster



President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign let go of internal pollsters after leaked results showed the president trailing former Vice President Joe Biden in critical states for the 2020 Election.

NBC News reported the decisions, citing someone familiar with Trump’s campaign who said the move comes after an internal poll from March was leaked, spreading its results that Trump was trailing Biden in 11 key states.

The report also notes that the data shows Trump’s path on the campaign trail is focused on picking up votes in vulnerable states, some of where Biden leads the president by double digits.

This is the latest development in worrying polling for Trump, including results reported by the New York Times earlier this month and data obtained by ABC News showing Trump trailing Biden in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Florida.

A national Quinnipiac University poll released last week found six of the 24 declared 2020 Democratic presidential candidates would defeat President Donald Trump in a one-on-one general matchup if the election were held today.

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Biden’s lead over Trump in the poll showed him ahead with a margin of 53% to 40% overall, and specifically with African American voters 85% to 12%, female voters 60% to 34%, and among Hispanic voters by 58% to 33%.

Trump and Biden both took to Iowa last week to woo voters on the campaign trail, where Biden called Trump “an existential threat to America” and condemned the effect his tariffs have on Iowa’s farmers.

Trump has taken aim at Biden as the former vice president emerged as a leader in the Democratic field.

While addressing reporters on the White House’s South Lawn before departing on his own jaunt to Iowa, Trump called Biden “a dummy,” “mentally weak,” and “1% Joe,” referincing poor past performances in the 1988 and 2008 Democratic primaries.

“I heard Biden, who is a loser — I mean, look, Joe never got more than 1%, except Obama took him off the trash heap,” Trump said, adding that Biden would be his preferred opponent and that “he looks different than he used to, he acts different than he used to, he’s even slower than he used to be.”

Trump’s campaign declined to comment.

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