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Kavanaugh: School drinking makes me ‘cringe’, Ford accusation a ‘smear’



brett kavanaugh
Brett Kavanaugh will
testify to the Senate Judiciary Committee on


  • Brett Kavanaugh released the prepared remarks he is scheduled
    to deliver to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday. 
  • In his opening statement, Kavanaugh denies that he
    sexually assaulted anyone and claims that the allegations made
    against him are “last minute smears.”
  • He also addresses drinking in high school, an issue which has
    become central to the case, by saying he did things that made him
    “cringe” but he was largely focused on “academics, sports,
    church, and service.” 
  • Kavanaugh will testify against Christine Blasey Ford’s
    claims that he sexually assaulted her in high school, but there
    are other women accusing him of misconduct.

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh will tell the Senate
Judiciary that he did things in high school that make him
“cringe” now but that the sexual assault allegations made against
him by are “last minute smears.”

The committee
has released the prepared remarks
that Kavanaugh will make in
his opening statement as he testifies on Thursday against sexual
assault allegations leveled against him by Christine
Blasey Ford.

Kavanaugh’s behavior in high school, and the suggestion by those
who were close to him
that he was a heavy
drinker, have become central to the
question of his treatment of women during that time, even as he
repeatedly states that he committed none of the sexual misconduct
that he is accused of.

In the remarks, he wrote that, during his high school days, he
spent most of his time “focused on academics, sports, church, and

“But I was not perfect in those days, just as I am not perfect
today. I drank beer with my friends, usually on weekends.
Sometimes I had too many. In retrospect, I said and did things in
high school that make me cringe now. But that’s not why we are
here today.”

“What I’ve been accused of is far more serious than juvenile
misbehavior. I never did anything remotely resembling what Dr.
Ford describes.”

Ford says that Kavanaugh pinned her to a bed, groped her,
and held his hand over her mouth as she screamed at a high school
party in the 1980s.

Kavanaugh accused these allegations and those made against him by
other women of being “false and uncorroborated” in his opening

“There has been a frenzy to come up with something—anything, no
matter how far-fetched or odious—that will block a vote on my
nomination. These are last minute smears, pure and simple,”
he wrote.

Kavanaugh again denied the allegations against him. “I am here
this morning to answer these allegations and to tell the
truth.  And the truth is that I have never sexually
assaulted anyone—not in high school, not in college, not ever.”

Deborah Ramirez 
claimed that Kavanaugh exposed himself
to her in the 1980s and Julie
 says that Kavanaugh was present at parties
where teenage girls were plied with drugs and alcohol so that
they could be “gang raped” at high school house parties.

Kavanaugh wrote that sexual assault is “horrific,” “morally
wrong,” and that allegations “must be taken seriously.”

He also repeated his assertion that he will “not be
intimidated into withdrawing from this process.”

In her prepared remarks released on Wednesday,
described the effect the alleged attack had on her life, how she
came to the decision to make her allegations public, and how that
choice has impacted her family. 

I am here today not because I want to be. I
am terrified. I am here because I believe it is my civic duty,”
she wrote. 

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