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Kanye West qualified to be on the ballot in Oklahoma



  • Kanye West qualified to be on the Oklahoma General Election ballot for the 2020 election in November. 
  • The musician announced his intention to run for president on July 4. 
  • A specialist who works on getting candidates on the ballot and worked on Kanye’s campaign, previously told New York Magazine that West was out of the contest. 
  • West is still ineligible to be on the ballot in at least four states. 
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Kanye West qualified to be on the General Election ballot in Oklahoma for the elections in November, the Oklahoma State Election Board announced on Wednesday. 

“This afternoon, we received a properly executed statement of candidacy for Kanye West, along with the appropriate filing fee in lieu of petition,” Oklahoma State Election Board officials told KOCO. “Kanye West is now qualified as an independent candidate for president of the United States in Oklahoma and will appear on the general election ballot.”

Wednesday was also the last day for independents to file in Oklahoma, KOCO reported. 

West announced that he intended to run for president in a tweet earlier this month. However, on Tuesday New York Magazine reported that West would no longer be in the running. 

According to the magazine, Steve Kramer, a “get-out-the-vote specialist,” who helps a candidate get on the ballots told reporter Ben Jacobs: “He’s out.”

Kramer told Jacobs that West had a team of people in Florida and South Carolina trying to get him signatures so he could get on the ballot on July 9. West would have needed to obtain 132,781 signatures from valid Florida voters. 

While West has not made any mention of dropping out of the presidential race, it’s too late for him to be placed on the ballot in at least four states: North Carolina, Indiana, New Mexico, and Texas, Business Insider previously reported. 

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