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John McCain’s pallbearers include Warren Beatty, Biden, and Bloomberg



joe biden john mccain
Former Vice President Joe
Biden will be among the 15 pallbearers at John McCain’s
Washington, DC memorial service on Saturday.

William Thomas

  • A famous group of 14 men and one woman will serve as
    pallbearers for Sen. John McCain’s memorial in Washington, DC
    on Saturday.
  • The six-term senator and war hero will have multiple
    ceremonies in Arizona and Washington this week.
  • McCain selected bipartisan senators, statesmen, and
    former presidents to honor his memory.
  • President Donald Trump is not invited.

The pallbearers for Sen. John McCain’s memorial service in
Washington, DC on Saturday will be full of famous faces.

Among the 14 men and one woman who will carry the late Arizona
senator’s casket at the Washington National Cathedral
include an A-list actor, a former vice president,
and a billionaire. Highlighting his unyielding tough stance on
Russia, an outspoken Putin critic will also be a pallbearer.

Former presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama will be among
the few eulogizing McCain, but current
President Donald Trump is not invited

McCain notably asked his two presidential election opponents to
speak at his funeral, and chose bipartisan pallbearers to carry
his casket and honor his six terms in the US Senate and 22 years
in the US Navy.

john mccain ss
President George W. Bush and then-presumptive Republican
presidential nominee Sen. John McCain walk toward the Oval Office
on March 5, 2008.


Sens. Kelly Ayotte, Lindsey Graham and Joseph Lieberman, son
Jimmy McCain, daughter Sidney McCain, former Secretary of State
Henry A. Kissinger, and daughter Meghan McCain will also speak at
the DC ceremony. Full details are available on this website, and a livestream will be available here
starting at 10 a.m. ET on Saturday

Former Vice President Joe Biden will eulogize McCain in Arizona
on Thursday and serve as a pallbearer in DC on Saturday. The two
grew close during their many years serving in the Senate
together, and Biden’s son, Beau, died of the same brain
cancer McCain had

Saturday’s high-profile ceremony at the Washington National
Cathedral will follow multiple memorials in McCain’s
adopted home state, Arizona, on Wednesday and Thursday, and lying
in state at the US Capitol on Friday.

A separate list of pallbearers and
will be honoring McCain at his memorial in Phoenix, as

Here’s the full list of pallbearers for the DC memorial, with
descriptions provided by the event’s organizers:

Warren Beatty: Friend. Actor and filmmaker, and
political activist. He received 14 Academy Award nominations for
his work as an actor, director and screenwriter.

Former Vice President Joseph Biden: Friend.
Former Vice President of the United States, six-term United
States Senator from Pennsylvania, chairman of the Senate Foreign
Relations Committee and the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Michael Bloomberg: Friend. Founder and Chief
Executive Officer of Bloomberg L.P. Served three terms as Mayor
of the City of New York. Recognized as one of the nation’s
leading philanthropists.

Secretary William Cohen: Friend. Founding
partner of the Cohen Group. Formerly, the United States Secretary
of Defense, three-term Senator from the State of Maine, and three
term United States Representative from the Second District of

Stephen Dart: Friend. Businessman.

Michael Bloomberg
Former New York Mayor Michael

Tim P.

Richard Davis: Friend. Partner and Chief Operating Officer at
Pegasus Capital Advisors, LP. Formerly, national campaign manager
for Senator McCain presidential campaigns in 2000 and 2008,
Special Assistant to President Reagan.

Carla Eudy: Friend, President, the Eudy Company.
Longtime fundraiser.

Sen. Russ Feingold: Friend. Visiting Professor
at Marquette University Law School. Formerly, three-term United
States Senator from Wisconsin and US Special Envoy to the
Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Sen. Phil Gramm: Friend. Visiting Scholar at the
American Enterprise Institute. Former Vice Chairman of UBS
Investment Bank, three-term United States Senator from Texas, and
three-term United States Representative from the Sixth District
of Texas.

Sen. Gary Hart: Friend. Author and attorney.
Professor at the University of Colorado at Denver. Formerly, US
Special Envoy for Northern Ireland, Co-chairman of the US
Commission on National Security for the 21st Century, and
two-term United States Senator from Colorado.

Vladimir Kara-Murza: Friend, Vice Chairman of
Open Russia, and Chairman of the Boris Nemtsov Foundation for

Gov. Tom Ridge: Friend. Formerly United States
Secretary for Homeland Security, Governor of the Commonwealth of
Pennsylvania, and seven-term United States Representative from
the 21st District of Pennsylvania. Veteran of the Vietnam War.

Mark Salter: Friend. Author, Formerly, Chief of
Staff to Senator McCain.

Fred Smith: Friend. Founder, Chairman and
President of FedEx. Formerly, an officer in the United States
Marine Corps. Veteran of the Vietnam War.

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse: Friend. Serving his
second term as United States Senator from Rhode Island. Formerly,
Attorney General for the State of Rhode Island and Providence
Plantations; US Attorney for the District of Rhode Island.

Remembering the life and legacy of John McCain:

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