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Jim Carrey says he wants to play Paul Manafort, calls him an ‘alien’



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  • Jim Carrey said that, as an actor, he would most like
    to play former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.
  • Carrey said that Manafort is like a “frigging alien in
    a skin suit.”
  • Carrey, known for his political drawings, tweeted a
    drawing of Manafort as an alien.


Actor and comedian Jim Carrey has grown a reputation for his
anti-Trump political drawings on Twitter, but he’d like to bring one Trump
associate to life in a different way: on the screen. 

Carrey told The New Yorker that as an
actor he’d most like to play former Trump campaign chairman Paul
Manafort, whose trial on financial fraud
begins Monday. It’s the first trial brought about by
special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian
interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Carrey likened Manafort to an “alien in a skin suit.”

“When I see Manafort walking into the courtroom, I’m, like,
‘Does anybody else notice that he’s, like, a frigging alien in a
skin suit?’ Hasn’t studied his subject,” he told The New Yorker,
which noted that he did an impression of Manafort. “He’s an
interesting character, because he hasn’t visited his actual being
in a long time. He’s been consumed by a maelstrom of future

It’s not the first time Carrey has said that Manafort is an
alien. Carrey tweeted a drawing earlier this month of an alien
slipping on a Manafort mask, with the caption, “The hideous
entity that walks among us as ‘Paul Manafort’ slips on its human
skin-suit for a quick mugshot.”


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