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Jim Carrey attacks Brett Kavanaugh in new drawing



Jim carrey


  • Actor Jim Carrey tweeted a new drawing on Monday that
    goes after Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.
  • Carrey suggested a “new uniform” for Supreme Court
    Justices that includes a ski mask.
  • Carrey called Kavanaugh an “entitled little
  • Kavanaugh has been accused by two women of sexual


Actor Jim Carrey delivered a scathing rebuke of Supreme Court
nominee Brett Kavanaugh in a new drawing he posted to Twitter on
Monday, along with criticism of how colleges deal with campus
sexual assault.

Carrey tweeted a drawing of a Supreme Court Justice wearing a
“new uniform” that includes a ski mask over the face, with the

Colleges care more about donors than the victims of
on-campus rape. That’s why women don’t report it and why ENTITLED
LITTLE S—- like Injustice Kavanaugh get to party and pillage
their way to the Supreme Court. I’d like to suggest a new uniform
for the highest court in the land.”

Kavanaugh has been accused by two women of sexual misconduct that
allegedly occurred while he was in high school and while he
attended Yale University. On Sunday, The New Yorker reported that a
woman named Deborah Ramirez
Kavanaugh exposed himself to her during a
party while the two attended Yale, “thrust his penis in her
face, and caused her to touch it without her consent as she
pushed him away.” Kavanaugh has denied the

This isn’t the first time Carrey has attacked

Last week, Carrey tweeted a drawing in reference
to the first allegation against Kavanaugh, in which Christine
Blasey Ford claimed that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her while
she was intoxicated at a party in high school. Ford is expected testify to the Senate
Judiciary Committee on Thursday.

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