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Jenna Bush’s daughter: Bush died to get back to ‘Ganny’ for Christmas



Bush twins
Bush Hager and Barbara Pierce Bush spoke about their grandfather,
George H.W. Bush, in an interview on the “Today”


  • Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Pierce Bush spoke about the
    passing of their grandfather, former President George H.W. Bush,
    in an interview on the “Today” show.
  • Hager recalled a touching thing her 5-year-old daughter Mila
    said when she said it was sad he died right before the holidays.
  • “Gampy had to get to Ganny so they could decorate their
    Christmas tree,” Mila told her mom, referring to the late Barbara
    Bush who died in April.

Jenna Bush Hager shared the heartwarming way her daughter helped
her process the death of her grandfather, President George H.W.

In an interview on the “Today
show that aired Wednesday, Hager said that after her grandfather
passed on Friday, she made a comment to her husband that her
five-year-old daughter overheard.

“When he passed away, I said to Henry — I didn’t think she could
hear me — ‘Like, I just can’t believe this is happening right
before Christmas,'” Hager recalled. “And Mila said, ‘Well of
course it’s happening right before Christmas. Gampy had to get to
Ganny so they could decorate their Christmas tree.'”

Jenna Bush
teared up as she recalled what her daughter Mila, age 5, said
after her grandfather died. Mila is seen in the Instagram post
below with her great-grandfather.


Mila was talking about her great-grandmother, former first lady
Barbara Bush, who died in April. George and Barbara Bush were
married for 73 years
, longer than any other presidential

“And I thought, you know, from the mouth of babes, because they
had never spent a Christmas apart. In their whole 73 years, 74
years,” Hager said. “So of course he wanted to be there. And she
was probably like, ‘Come on, time to come home.'”

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5 is a national day of mourning as George H.W. Bush is laid to
rest. Here are full details for the 41st president’s

Hager sat down for the interview with her twin sister Barbara,
who was named after their grandmother.

When asked if Bush spoke about his life coming to a close,
Barbara said her grandfather was “reflective” after his wife died
in the spring.

“I asked him if his heart was broken and he said ‘Yes.’ And he
looked at me and said, ‘Do you think it will feel worse than
this?’ And it just really got me,” Barbara said. “I mean, of
course his heart was broken. He had lost the love of his life.”

She added that he would still always say he “couldn’t be better,”
and “lived as much as he could” in his final days.

The twins, who are the daughers of former President George W.
Bush, said they knew this summer would likely be their
grandfather’s last, and they made sure to make every moment with
him count.

Knowing that their time with him was limited,
Barbara decided to plan her wedding fast so that he could be
The 37-year-old married screenwriter Craig Coyne at
the family’s home in Kennebunkport, Maine on Ocotber 7.

On the day of her wedding, Barbara said her grandfather got
dressed early so he could see her in her dress before she walked
down the aisle.

She teared up as she recalled the special moment.

“One of the last things he said to me was that I never looked so
beautiful,” Barbara said.

After his official state funeral in Washington, DC on Wednesday,
Bush’s remains will be taken back to Texas where he will be
buried on the grounds of his presidential library in College
Station, next to his daughter and wife.

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