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Jeff Sessions: Cesar Sayoc Jr., mail bomb suspect, appears ‘partisan’



Jeff Sessions
Jeff Sessions.
McNamee/Getty Images

  • Attorney General Jeff Sessions said the suspect in
    connection with a string of bombs found in the mail addressed
    to prominent Democrats “appears to be a
  • Sessions spoke in a press conference hours after
    federal authorities announced they had arrested a suspect for
    mailing more than a dozen suspicious packages to
    public figures, including former President Barack Obama and
    former Secretary of State Hillary

  • Sessions said 56-year-old Cesar Sayoc Jr.
    faces up to 58 years in prison if found

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a press conference Friday
that the suspect arrested by federal authorities in connection to
a string of attempted bombings  “appears to be a

Cesar Sayoc Jr. was arrested
Friday morning after more than a dozen suspicious packages
were mailed to public figures, including prominent Democrats such
as former President Barack Obama, former Vice President Joe
Biden, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. 

When asked by a reporter why the suspect targeted Democrats,
Sessions at first said he didn’t know, then said the suspect
appears to have acted in a “partisan” interest. 

“I don’t know other than what you might normally expect,”
Sessions said. “He appears to be a partisan.”

Sessions continued: “But that would be determined by the facts as
the case goes forward and I’m not able to comment on that.” 

Sayoc, a 56-year-old Florida resident, faces up to 58 years in
prison if found guilty, Sessions said. After his
arrest, Sayoc is reportedly being questioned by FBI
agents with the Joint Terrorism Task Force.

packages foundSkye Gould/Business Insider

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