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Jacob Wohl made fake Surefire Intelligence to spread lies on Mueller



NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 08: Robert S. Mueller III, Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), speaks at the International Conference on Cyber Security (ICCS) on August 8, 2013 in New York City. The ICCS, which is co-hosted by Fordham University and the FBI, is held every 18 months; more than 25 countries are represented at this year's conference. (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)
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  • The office of the special counsel Robert Mueller has asked
    the FBI to investigate a plot reportedly led by conservative
    activists Jack Burkman and Jacob Wohl to offer women large sums
    of money to lie under oath about Mueller committing sexual
  • As part of the ploy, Wohl is accused of creating a completely
    bogus company, “Surefire Intelligence,” to pose as a private
    investigative agency to frame Mueller.
  • The domain name for their website is registered to Wohl, a
    phone number on the site directs to his mother’s voicemail, and
    LinkedIn profiles for supposed employees use edited photos of

The office of the special counsel Robert Mueller has asked the FBI to investigate a
suspected plot
linked back to GOP activists Jack Burkman and
Jacob Wohl to pay women large sums of money to lie about having
been sexually harassed by Mueller.

Evidence points to Wohl having created a fictitious company as
part of his efforts. 

On Monday night, journalist Scott Stedman posted a Twitter thread
detailing his experience being contacted by a woman claiming a
GOP lobbyist had offered her money to lie about being harassed by
Mueller, but being evasive and refusing to talk on the phone,
leading him to question whether there really was such a woman at

On Tuesday, The Atlantic’s Natasha Bertrand
confirmed Stedman’s previous reporting
and suspicions,
writing that the woman emailed several journalists claiming to
have been offered the money by GOP operative Jack Burkman, who
hired a firm called “Surefire Intelligence” to pay women to sign
sworn affidavits claiming misconduct by Mueller.

A person who identified themselves as a woman named “Lorraine
Parsons” told The Atlantic “a man with a British accent”
contacted her offering to pay her $20,000 and pay off her
credit-card debt to say she was sexually harassed by Mueller,
allegedly when the two worked at the same law firm in the 1970s.
The firm denied that such a person ever worked there.

An email sent from a Surefire Intelligence account linked to a
person named “Simon Frick,” to one of the law professor Jennifer Taub, asked
Taub to speak about “past encounters” involving Mueller. Taub
told The Atlantic she has never met Mueller. 

According to its website, Surefire is a
private intel agency that designs and executes
bespoke solutions for businesses and individuals who face complex
business and litigation challenges” which several Twitter users
easily linked to Wohl.

Wohl, who is best known for being banned from the National
Futures Association at the age of 19
for defrauding his
investors, and for his posting inflammatory, pro-Trump messages
on social media, vehemently denied any involvement
with the plot.

But several journalists and Twitter users were quick to uncover a
clear paper trail between Wohl and Surefire, which, by all
appearances, is a fictitious company created to serve as a front
for Wohl’s activities.  

The domain name for Surefire’s website is registered under Wohl’s email
, [email protected] And when NBC News
reporters tried to call one of the phone
numbers listed on Surefire’s website
, it directed them to
Wohl’s mother’s voicemail. 

When Stedman visited the Southern California address listed as
the location of Surefire Intelligence, he found the building
housed a law firm. A representative for the law firm
told Stedman they had never heard of Surfire. 

A LinkedIn profile for a Surefire employee named “Matthew Cohen”
appears to be a heavily edited picture of Wohl himself, as New
Yorker reported Jane Mayer pointed out. 

LinkedIn profiles for several of Surefire’s supposed employees
turned out to be using poorly edited photographs of actors or
models instead of plausible employees. 

The LinkedIn profile of supposed Surefire “financial
investigator” Simon Frick, who purportedly “emailed” Taub, uses a
photograph of actor Christoph Waltz, and the profile for their
“Tel Aviv Station Chief” uses a photograph of Israeli
Bar Rafaeli. 

Furthermore, the sworn affidavit Wohl and fellow conservative
activist Jim Hoff reportedly wanted the women contacted to sign
accuses Mueller of committing a
rape at the St. Regis Hotel
in New York City on August 2,

But as The Washington Post reported, on that exact day, Mueller
was summoned to DC Superior Court for jury duty — not in New
York, but in Washington, DC. 

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