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Internet roasts Democratic National Committee over Beyoncé reference



The Internet is roasting the Democratic National Committee after it encouraged supporters to download a “limited edition” anti-Trump cell phone wallpaper with a Beyoncé reference.

“This is a whole mood. Text “Boy Bye” to 43367 to get this exclusive wallpaper,” the organization tweeted Monday with an image that included pictures of President Donald Trump and the words, “Boy Bye 2020.”

Reporters, online critics, and even Democratic strategists took issue with the DNC’s apparent attempt to reach younger voters with a reference to Beyoncé’s song, “Sorry.”

“I can connect with you with a list of digital media consultants who will, free-of-charge, give you private feedback in order to avoid losing in 2020. Feel free to DM,” progressive activist and former Hillary Clinton staffer Charlotte Clymer tweeted in response.

Some compared it to when Hillary Clinton asked her Twitter followers to describe how their student loan debt makes them feel “in three emojis or less” in 2015, and when Clinton asked supporters to “Pokémon Go to the polls” in 2016.

The DNC has struggled to rebuild trust with many Democratic voters and activists alienated by the group’s efforts to undermine Sen. Bernie Sanders‘ 2016 presidential primary bid.

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