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International Dog Day: George H.W. Bush told staff don’t feed obese dog



Former President George H.W. Bush wrote a letter to White House staff advising them not to feed his overweight dog, Ranger, during his “fight against obesity.”

The letter, which was sent out on Feb. 6, 1992, resurfaced Monday in honor of International Dog Day.

In the letter, the late president wrote that all offices should take a “formal pledge” that goes as follows: “WE AGREE NOT TO FEED RANGER. WE WILL NOT GIVE HIM ANY BISCUITS. WE WILL NOT GIVE HIM FOOD OF ANY KIND.”

Bush Sr. also wrote in the letter than Ranger would wear a “Do not feed me” badge in addition to his regular ID to remind staff not to contribute to his obesity.

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Bush also restricted Ranger’s access throughout the White House, but permitted him to roam freely around Camp David, the wooded country retreat for the sitting president.

However, Camp David staff, which include Marines, Naval personnel, and all civilians, are “specifically instructed to ‘rat’ on anyone seen feeding Ranger,” he wrote in the letter.

The former president promised to update staff on Ranger’s weight-loss, describing him, at the time, as a “blimp, a nice friendly appealing blimp, but a blimp.”

Alongside Ranger, Bush also owned Millie, a English Springer Spaniel named after long-time friend Mildred Caldwell Kerr, during his run as president.

During the last six months of his life, the former president had a beloved service dog named Sully.

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