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Hunter Nation is raffling off a hunting trip with Donald Trump Jr



A hunting advocacy is raffling off the opportunity to go on a five-day elk hunting excursion in Utah with Donald Trump Jr.

Hunter Nation announced the raffle as part of a “Dream Hunt Sweepstakes.”

The organization is selling $10 tickets for the elk hunt raffle, billing Trump Jr. as a “modern day Teddy Roosevelt,” the former president who was closely associated with hunting and conservation.

“You will have to go a long way to find a bigger advocate for our hunting lifestyle and a more passionate hunter and conservationist than Don, Jr. The opportunity to share a hunting camp with him is truly priceless,” Hunter Nation said of the raffle. “Gain a new perspective on real-life conservation from one the leading experts on the subject, all while you hunt one of the most prized big game animals on earth.”

It is unclear if the elk hunt with Trump Jr. is trophy-based or if the winner will be able to take home the meat to eat. INSIDER has contacted Hunter Nation for comment.

Trump Jr. and Roosevelt are both known for their love of big-game and trophy hunting, though trophy practices are considered divisive today.

Trump’s hunts have been well-documented on Instagram.

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The Humane Society has made calls to end trophy hunting practices, which it says are “unethical, cruel, harmful and unsustainable.”

According to the Humane Society, American trophy hunters import more than 126,000 wildlife tropics per year on average.

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