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Huawei Mate 20 Pro Review: The US is worse off without it



I’ve seen several headlines and tweets that rave about how good the cameras are on various Huawei smartphones, but I’m not seeing what the hubbub is about.

In fact, I’ve been avoiding the Mate 20 Pro to take photos, opting to use trusty smartphone cameras like the Pixel 3 or the OnePlus 6T. I’ve found that the Mate 20 Pro’s camera tends to auto-focus on the wrong thing, and I have to actively tap the screen to focus. Meanwhile, other phones seem to focus on what I want without intervention.

The camera on the Mate 20 Pro is good, but nothing out of the ordinary. The triple-lens camera system, however, is a great thing to have. You get the regular camera lens, a 3X zoomed lens, and a 0.6X ultra-wide-angle lens, which offers more versatility than most smartphone cameras that only give you a zoomed lens as an extra.

As a smartphone camera, I think the Mate 20 Pro’s could have been better was it not for its app. It’s full of features, settings, and options, which some might like, but I find it cluttered and over-complicated to use to get the right shot.

It’s unfortunate that Huawei didn’t give the Mate 20 Pro a second ultra-wide selfie lens, like you’d find on the Pixel 3 and LG V40, as that’s one of the most meaningful camera developments as of late.

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