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Huawei ban: Products in jeopardy include future Mate phones, MateBooks



The US government recently placed Chinese tech behemoth Huawei on a trade blacklist, a move that could require the world’s second-largest smartphone maker to rethink everything from the way it designs its chips to the software that powers its line of smartphones and tablets.

Under the new requirements, US companies must obtain government permission before conducting business with Huawei. Following the announcement, a slew of technology companies have said they are suspending business with the firm. These include Google, which operates the popular mobile operating system Android, as well as chipmakers Qualcomm and Intel among others, as reports have indicated.

Huawei has since downplayed the potential ramifications of these sanctions and severed ties, as founder and chief executive Ren Zhengfei recently said that he only expects the company’s growth to slow slightly when speaking with Nikkei Asian Review. Huawei has also said that it’s been working on its own mobile operating system to replace Android, and the company already develops its own Kirin mobile processors.

Those processors, however, rely heavily on designs from United Kingdom-based Arm, which recently said it has suspended business with the tech giant. The company is also said to have stockpiled enough chips to last for three months as it designs its own chips, according to Bloomberg.

The government has since given Huawei a 90-day reprieve to continue maintaining its current products, but it’s unclear how its product line will change after that window closes.

Huawei may be best known for its line of smartphones, but the company makes a wide variety of products ranging from laptops to smartwatches.

Not every company or supplier mentioned below has said it will stop working with Huawei. In fact, many of them have not spoken publicly about how their business will change if at all given the new government requirements. But the list below demonstrates how large of a role US tech firms play in the development and production of Huawei’s gadgets.

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