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How Trump’s border wall could hurt the environment



President Donald Trump will take the national stage tonight to make his case for the construction of a wall at the US-Mexico border.

His live address from the Oval Office comes 18 days into a partial government shutdown, which is the result of a disagreement over funding for Trump’s desired border wall. The shutdown has impacted nearly 800,000 federal employees (and caused garbage to pile up in national parks), but Trump has indicated that he won’t end the shutdown until he secures $5 billion in funding for the wall.

Trump most likely hopes that his national address and visit to the southwest will boost public support for a wall. But such an enormous construction project would have significant impacts on the environment around the nation’s southern border.

What’s more, the Department of Homeland Security has already indicated that it will leverage a law that enables the government to expedite border infrastructure by waiving certain legal requirements, which would allow the project to sidestep dozens of environmental rules in California.

Here are five ways that a new border wall would wreak havoc on the environment.

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