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How Democratic candidates poll based on age, gender, race, region, political lean



Since late 2018, Insider has been conducting a recurring national survey through SurveyMonkey Audience to determine the state of the Democratic field. While the main thing pollsters are interested in is who’s winning at any given time, or the percentage of voters who would vote today for a given candidate, Insider approached the 2020 Democrats from another angle. 

Given that so much of this election is a large number of candidates competing for different — and often overlapping — constituencies or lanes within the party, we’ve asked whether a given respondent has heard of the candidate and then whether that person would be satisfied or unsatisfied in the event a given contender became the nominee. 

You can download every poll here, down to the individual respondent data, and see the sample size and margin of error for the 12 polls we cite here, which ran between August 30 to December 7.  (Read more about how the Insider 2020 Democratic primary tracker works.)

This lets us figure out who’s competing with whom, which candidates are targeting different wings of the party altogether, and who voters are specifically deciding between. 

In just over six weeks, Iowans will hold the first caucus of the Democratic primary. Given how close we are to the actual contests, Insider analyzed the various accumulated supporters amassed by each of the candidates running for president. Mainly, we hope to find out what kind of voters they perform well among and what kind they don’t. 

Here’s where the race stands, just weeks to go before votes are cast. 

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