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Hillary Clinton made a surprise cameo in premiere of CBS’s ‘Murphy Brown’ reboot



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  • Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had a cameo in
    Thursday night’s “Murphy Brown” premiere.
  • In the cameo, Clinton applies for a secretary position,
    saying that she is very qualified, having worked as a secretary
    for “a very large organization.”
  • CBS kept the cameo a secret, even cutting it out of advance
    episodes it sent to critics. 


Since losing the 2016 election but winning the popular vote,
Hillary Clinton has kept a fairly low profile. But on Thursday
night she made a surprise national appearance in the first
episode of CBS’s reboot of “Murphy Brown,” a cameo kept so secret
that it even caught critics off guard, as the footage wasn’t
included in advanced screener episodes.

The former Secretary of State only made a brief appearance in the
episode, but she wasn’t afraid to lean in to some
self-deprecating humor. 

In the cameo, Clinton applies to to be a secretary for
investigative journalist Murphy Brown (Candice Bergen). She
walks into the newsroom in one of her trademark pantsuits (this
one is bright red). Clinton jokes that she looks exactly like
Hillary Clinton and has the same name, but she spells hers “with
one L.”

Murphy Brown then asks “Hilary” Clinton if she has previous
secretarial experience. 

“Absolutely. For four years I was the secretary of a very large
organization.” She also said, “I do have some experience with

You can watch the clip below: 



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