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Hillary and Bill Clinton’s relationship timeline



In the 1990s, the “Whitewater controversy” rocked the couple’s budding legacy when the United States Office of Independent Counsel investigated the couple in relation to their investment in 230 acres of riverfront land in Arkansas in 1978. To develop the land into vacation homes, Bill and Hillary formed the Whitewater Development Corporation with James (Jim) and Susan McDougal.

The project failed and Jim McDougal bought a small savings and loan association, and, according to Vox “renamed it Madison Guaranty, and defrauded both it and the small-business investment firm Capital Management Services to the tune of $3 million.”

The Clintons came under investigation after it was alleged they were involved in the defrauding.

Of the controversy, according to the Washington Post, in 1994, “The House and Senate Banking committees begin hearings on Whitewater. Twenty-nine Clinton administration officials are subpoenaed or testify at congressional hearings. All are cleared of any wrongdoing.”

In her 2003 memoir “Living History,” Hillary only briefly acknowledged the controversy, simply writing there were “public relations mistakes in how we handled the growing controversy” and ”Whitewater never seemed real because it wasn’t.”

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