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High school photos of 2020 presidential candidates



Representative Eric Swalwell went to high school in California, around a half-hour drive east of San Francisco.

He shared some of his high school memories with Business Insider, starting with regret over his hairdo.

“My top lesson from high school is that there are smarter uses for bleach!

“But seriously, my high school English and speech & debate teacher helped me overcome my fear of public speaking; some might say she did too good of a job.

“And my high school economics teacher helped lead me to a career in public service, becoming a lifelong mentor and friend who is still among my top advisers today.

“The lesson is that a good school with great teachers can change a student’s life, and every American kid deserves that, no matter their ZIP code.”

Swalwell was elected to the House of Representatives in 2012 to represent California’s 15th district running on a Democrat ticket. Prior to this, he had studied at the University of Maryland, and worked as a district attorney.

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