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Here’s what the top 2020 presidential candidates did as a first job



  • The 2020 presidential election contenders worked in a wide variety of first jobs, including waitress, gardener and bottle collector — a far cry from the high profile political roles they have today. 
  • In interviews over the years, many have spoken of how they still carry with them the lessons from their first jobs. 
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Being a presidential candidate involves non-stop travel, meeting people from all walks of life, regular media appearances and making speeches to thousands of people.

The pressure to win is enormous — and the prize the biggest in politics. 

The hustle of the presidential race is a far cry from the humble jobs where many of the presidential candidates earnt their first dollars. 

As such, Business Insider decided to take a look at the first jobs of some of the most prominent candidates for next year’s elections.

From working as a busboy at a Chinese restaurant to nannying for rich families in New York, here’s how the candidates started their careers.

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