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Here’s how Donald Trump took shots at NATO in 2018



Things only got more heated at the summit.

Trump singled out Germany for failing to meet the agreed-upon goal of spending 2% of GDP on defense. (NATO members agreed in 2014 to reach that level by 2024.)

“Angela, you need to do something about this,” Trump said, using the German leader’s first name in a breech of diplomatic protocol that prompted an emergency meeting of the alliance’s leaders.

“The language was much tougher today,” a source told Reuters. “His harshest words were directed at Germany, including by calling her Angela — ‘You, Angela.'”

After the meeting Trump told the press that NATO leaders had agreed to consider his demand that they raise their defense spending to 4% of GDP, which drew an immediate rebuttal from French President Emmanuel Macron.

Trump did affirm his commitment to the alliance, but as he left the summit, he interrupted the Chancellor while she was addressing her fellow NATO leaders.

Trump kissed her and said, “I love this woman,” adding, “Isn’t she great?”

“It’s up to psychologists and historians what to make of that,” a senior German diplomat said of the interaction.

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