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Here are the confirmed candidates for the Tory leadership contest



Odds: 22/1

Brexit plan: The Home Secretary has said he would be willing to leave the EU in October “with or without a deal.”

Javid said he had “done his homework” on Brexit and would find a technological solution for the Irish border which would make the backstop policy unnecessary. Experts have repeatedly warned that such technology will not be ready for years.

“You don’t need a magic solution for this, the solution exists,” he told ITV News.

“We’ve done the homework on this.”

“I will change the dynamic and I will do that by offering the money to pay for the border.

“It is justified that we do that because, economically, if that unlocks a deal we will have a mini economic boom in this country if we get a deal and that will pay for that.”

Other policies: In stark contrast to candidates who have promised to slash taxes, Javid has pledged a multi-billion pound spending spree which he would fund by slowing down the rate of deficit reduction. He said his priority would be increasing education spending.

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