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Hannity says Mueller ‘full of crap’ and ‘doesn’t know the law’



Fox News host Sean Hannity on Wednesday night launched into a furious attack on Special Counsel Robert Mueller, claiming the former FBI chief “doesn’t know the law” and is “basically full of crap.”

Earlier on Wednesday, Mueller delivered his first public remarks since being appointed special counsel two years ago to lead the investigation into Russian interference and alleged obstruction of the justice by President Donald Trump.

During the briefing, Mueller said that “If we had had confidence that the President clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so,” further puncturing Trump’s former claim that Mueller’s report amounts to his “total exoneration.”

Instead, Mueller emphasised that justice department regulations prevent him from bringing charges against the president.

Hannity devoted the opening eight minutes of his show on Wednesday to attacking Mueller.

“Now today he officially resigned from the office of special counsel but not before showing the world, of course, what we already know on this program — his partisan hackery true colors if you will,” said a visibly angry Hannity.

“We have a career bureaucrat, nothing more than a Trump hating partisan who is now all but cheering for impeachment based on nothing.”

“Number one: Robert Mueller doesn’t know the law, he’s basically full of crap,” said Hannity of Mueller.

Earlier in his career, Mueller spent 12 years in charged of the FBI, ending his term in 2013. Before then he spent several decades as an attorney and law enforcement official.

On his show, Hannity echoed President Trump’s accusations that Mueller, who has previously registered as a Republican, was a partisan hack bent on undermining the administration.

Hannity said: “Mueller’s continued public smear of a duly elected president who has been charged with no crime is completely unethical and immoral.

“And Mueller’s actions today had nothing to do with justice. Everything to do with politics. And his presser today served one purpose, and that was to help the Democrats, give them another political bone to chew on.”

The president himself – who is a friend of Hannity – reacted to Mueller’s press conference in a tweet, congratulting him on a “great show tonight.”

Earlier, Trump had written: “Nothing changes from the Mueller Report. There was insufficient evidence and therefore, in our Country, a person is innocent. The case is closed! Thank you.”

Mueller in April submitted his long-awaited report to the justice department, and a redacted version was released to Congress three weeks later.

In the report, Mueller writes that there was not sufficient evidence to bring charges against Trump and his officials for colluding with Russia.

He declined to arrive at a conclusion over whether the president had obstructed justice, citing the justice department rules he again referenced in his Wednesday statement.

Attorney General William Barr and his deputy, Rod Rosenstein, decided that the evidence in the report did not warrant charging the president with obstruction.

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