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Georgia Rep Jason Spencer resigning after N-word on “Who is America?”



Who is America? Jason Spencer
Georgia state Rep. Jason Spencer took off his trousers
and ran buttocks-first toward Cohen in an attempt to learn a
“technique” to scare off members of the terrorist group


  • Georgia state Rep. Jason Cohen yelled the N-word and
    exposed himself on comedian Sacha Baron Cohen’s TV show “Who Is
  • Cohen was pretending to be an Israeli counterterrorism
    expert giving Spencer what he believed was a lesson in fighting
  • Spencer said in a long statement yesterday that

    he regretted his actions, but would stay in office until the
    end of his term
  • Spencer will now step down at the end of the month,
    according to a spokesperson for the Georgia house

The Georgia lawmaker who yelled the N-word and bared his
butt in an effort to turn ISIS terrorists “homosexual” on
comedian Sacha Baron Cohen’s new TV show is resigning at the end
of the month.

Georgia representative Jason Spencer was humiliated by
footage from “Who is America?”, in which Cohen posed as a
counterterrorism expert and taught Spencer a series of absurd
self-defense techniques on camera.

Here is the video:

Kaleb McMichen, a spokesman for Georgia House Speaker David
told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Tuesday
that Spencer
will step down at the end of the month.

Spencer had
previously told The Washington Post
: “I deeply regret
the language I used,” and claimed that Cohen had exploited his
fear of terrorists to get him to embarrass himself.

Spencer planned to serve the remaining five months of his
term, but cut that short as the backlash against his actions
continued to grow.

He had already lost his primary, so there was never a
possibility of his continuing in office beyond the next set of
state elections.

Who is America? Jason Spencer
Cohen, left, and Spencer on “Who is


Spencer, a Republican, had faced calls to resign from
figures including Speaker Ralston.

Ralston released a statement which said: “The
actions and language used on this video are reprehensible.
Representative Spencer has disgraced himself and should resign
immediately. Georgia is better than this.”

The segment included ridiculous advice, including distinguishing
terrorists from non-terrorists by posing as a Chinese tourist and
using a selfie stick to take upskirt photographs of people
wearing a burqa or niqab.

In another “technique,” Cohen prompted Spencer to
scream the N-word to “attract attention” and save himself from
being kidnapped. Spencer appeared to do this without hesitation.

Spencer tried to offer an explanation for his actions in a
as reported yesterday by Business Insider
. He said that he
was acting in response to fear for the lives of himself and his
family after receiving “countless death threats” in
You can read the full statement here

He said that Cohen and his team took advantage of these fears and
that he was uncomfortable participating but wanted to learn how
to protect himself.

Business Insider has contacted David Ralston and Jason Spencer
for further comment.

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