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From the Adamses to the Clintons: The most influential US political families in history, ranked



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Yes, the United States is a democracy. However, this doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its own powerful family dynasties. 

Four families in America have had two members serve as U.S. presidents, giving them prime slots in the history books, but also making Americans wonder how they did it. That’s why we have ranked the 11 most powerful and influential political familes in U.S. by taking into account their historical legacy, net worth, current influence, and potential to continue producing political heirs.  

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1. The Bushes

The Bush family is one of two families in American history that produced two presidents — the late George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush.

George Sr., the son of Connecticut Senator Prescott Bush, was a congressman, diplomat, CIA director and vice president before winning the presidency in 1988. His eldest son, George W., went on to win 12 years later. In 2016, H.W.’s son Jeb, former Florida governor, ran for president too, ultimately losing the Republican primary. Combined, George Sr. and wife Barbara Bush were worth an estimated $25 million. But the family, overall, is worth an estimated $400 million. Currenty, George P. Bush, Jeb’s oldest son, is serving as Texas land commissioner, setting him up as the leader of the fourth generation of Bush politicians. 

2. The Kennedys

The Kennedy family is, perhaps, the most recognizable political dynasty in American history. Patrick Joseph Kennedy, the first Kennedy to run for office, was elected to the Massachusetts state legislature in 1884. Ever since, the Kennedys have been a mainstay in American politics, producing the 35th president, John F. Kennedy, as well as a number of senators, representatives and ambassadors.

Forbes estimates that the top 30 members of the Kennedy family, combined, are worth $1.2 billion. Joseph P. “Joe” Kennedy III, the grandson of former U.S. Attorney General and Senator Robert F. Kennedy, is currently serving his third term as Massachusetts Representative. 

3. The Adams

The Adams family was the first in American history to produce two presidents. John Adams, one of the nation’s founding fathers and its second president, first served as vice president to George Washington. Together with his wife and advisor Abigail, John Adams raised son John Quincy Adams to become the 8th president of the U.S. John Quincy’s son Charles Adams served in the Massachusetts House of Representatives and unsuccessfully ran for vice president in 1848. His son, John Quincy Adams II, also served in the Massachusetts state house before unsuccessfully running for governor multiple times in the 1860s. Currently, the only member of the Adams family that remains politically involved is John Donley Adams, a Virginia lawyer who unsuccessfully ran for Virginia Attorney General. 

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