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French millennial gets job after Macron told him to just go find a job



emmanuel macron jonathan jahan
jobseeker Jonathan Jahan found a job after French President
Emmanuel Macron said he could just “cross the road and find you


  • Earlier this month a viral video showed French
    President Emmanuel Macron telling a 25-year-old jobseeker he
    could just “cross the road and find you something.”
  • Jonathan Jahan had been trying to find a job for months
    in the gardening sector.
  • Macron insisted that he could easily find jobs in
    hotels and cafés.
  • Since the viral conversation, Jahan has found a job as a
  • France has a national unemployment rate of 9%, and
    Macron’s approval rating is at its lowest point ever

An unemployed French man has landed a job after a viral video
showed President Emmanuel Macron telling him he could simply
“cross the road and find you something.”

Jonathan Jahan was filmed earlier this month telling Macron at
the Elysée Palace about his difficulties finding a job, despite
having sent his résumé and cover letters to multiple places.

The 25-year-old said he studied horticulture and had been
looking for a job in gardening for months.

The French president told him: “If you are keen and motivated, in
the hotel, café, restaurant, or construction industries — there’s
nowhere I go where people aren’t telling me they’re looking for

“Hotels, cafés, restaurants… I can cross the road and find you
something. They simply want people who are ready to work.”

Watch the exchange here:

After the clip went viral, a temporary work agency contacted him
and offered him a job to be a coach driver, Jahan told France’s
BFMTV channel. 

He told BFMTV: “I’m happy because I’m going to work in
something I love.”

The broadcaster added that Jahan was offered 20 other jobs, which
he turned down.

Macron’s advice to Jahan prompted a flurry of criticism online,
including those over the president’s insistence that there were
plenty of job vacancies despite the country’s unemployment rate
of 9%, according to Reuters.

Others ridiculed Macron’s simplified job-seeking advice by

posting memes of people crossing roads to find jobs

Macron’s approval rating has plummeted to 30% — the worst since
his election last year.

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