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Fox News contributor says Medicare for All could increase mass shootings



A Fox News contributor dubiously suggested that Medicare for All would lead to more mass shootings because of what it will “do to our mental health services.”

During a conversation about how mental health impacts mass shootings, contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy said the sweeping proposal would make it harder for mental health professionals to be paid for their work.

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“Medicare for All is going to make that worse by the way,” Campos-Duffy said. “You’re going to have less reimbursements for people in the mental health profession and we already have a shortage of that.”

She added: “We should consider what will Medicare for All do to our mental health services.”

Medicare for All is an idea championed by the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, particularly Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. It would establish a national health insurance program that would provide comprehensive benefits to every American, including mental healthcare.

While some doctors could be paid less in Medicare for All, its impact on the reimbursement of therapists and other mental health professionals remains unclear. Currently, access to mental healthcare is elusive in many insurance plans — and insurers are increasingly likely to deny mental health coverage.

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