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Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s most inspiring quotes



  • Former First Lady Michelle Obama turned 56 on Friday.
  • With a history of impressive jobs, efforts to create change nationwide and worldwide, and memorable advice, Obama has become a role model to many.
  • In honor of her birthday, we collected some of her most inspiring quotes throughout the years.
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Michelle Obama is a modern-day revolutionary woman.

She’s encouraged education for girls, championed for equal rights, advocated for American families in poverty, and pushed for healthy living.

And that’s not to mention the history of titles she’s held that make for an impressive resume: first lady, lawyer, mom, style icon, and bestselling author, thanks to her memoir “Becoming.”

As husband Barack Obama said in his presidential farewell address, she’s done everything “with grace and with grit and with style and good humor.”

It’s easy to see how Michelle has become a role model for girls and women everywhere, especially when you consider the advice she’s given over the years. Her words have served as soundboard on everything from work and success to relationships and identity.

In honor of her 56th birthday, we’ve rounded up some of her most inspiring and memorable quotes and wisdom, both serious and lighthearted.

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