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FBI director on mail bomber conspiracy theories: ‘Not hoax devices’



Christopher Wray
Director Christopher Wray on Friday said explosives sent to
prominent Democrats over the course of the work were not “hoax”


FBI Director Christopher Wray on Friday shot down conspiracy
theories about a
series of attempted bombings
via mail of high-profile
Democrats and other public figures. 

Though we’re still analyzing the devices in our
laboratory, these are
not hoax devices,” Wray

His comment came as law enforcement officials released
details on
Cesar Sayoc Jr., 56, who was arrested earlier in the day in
and will face charges in connection with the slew of
suspicious packages intercepted across the country. 

A number of prominent conservatives, including Lou Dobbs of
Fox Business, have suggested the reports surrounding the
attempted attacks were planted by Democrats to make Republicans
look bad. Dobbs even referred to the explosives as
“Fake Bombs”
in a tweet he eventually deleted.

President Donald Trump was criticized Friday morning after
he tweeted that the
“‘bomb’ stuff”
was distracting the media from political news
ahead of the midterm elections next month. After Sayoc was
apprehended, Trump applauded law enforcement.

At least 14 suspicious packages have been found or
intercepted across the country. All were addressed to people
who’ve been verbally attacked by Trump, and who’ve also been
vocally critical of the president. 

Suspicious package Oct 26 updateSkye Gould/Business Insider

Sayoc, who registered as a Republican before Florida’s 2016
primary, has an extensive criminal record. Wray said DNA
evidence, including a fingerprint on one of the envelopes in the
investigation, helped law enforcement track down the

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