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Facebook users see 2x as many Bloomberg ads as others combined: report



  • Facebook users have seen more than twice as many ads from Bloomberg’s campaign in 2020 than from all his opponents combined, according to a new report from The Guardian.
  • The Guardian’s analysis found that people have seen 2.3 billion presidential campaign ads on Facebook so far this year, and more than 1.5 billion of those came from Bloomberg.
  • Since launching his campaign in November, Bloomberg has spent $45 million on Facebook ads — also more than his opponents combined, The Guardian found.
  • The former mayor of New York City’s campaign has spend $409 million total through January, according to Reuters.
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Mike Bloomberg’s campaign ads on Facebook have been seen more than twice as many times this year as his opponents combined, according to an analysis by The Guardian. Of the 2.3 billion ads Facebook users have been shown in 2020, more than 1.5 billion, or 69%, have belonged to Bloomberg.

The next closest candidate in terms of ad impressions was Trump, with 12%, while Bloomberg’s next closest Democratic opponent was Bernie Sanders, with just 7% of the total views by Facebook users.

Bloomberg’s campaign has shelled out $45 million on Facebook ads since launching just three months ago, more than double the $20 million President Trump spent on the platform in all of 2019, The Guardian reported.

The Guardian used Facebook’s political ad archive to build a database that found 142,937 ads run by the Bloomberg campaign since mid-November. The campaign has mainly focused its ads on Trump (spending $12.5 million to get 554 million impressions) and healthcare (spending $7.2 million to get 418 million impressions), per The Guardian’s analysis.

Bloomberg’s personal fortune has allowed his campaign to pour massive amounts of money not just into Facebook ads, but also $126.5 million into traditional TV ads just through January, according to Reuters, as well as an $11 million ad during the Super Bowl and an average of $5 million weekly on Google ads, per The Washington Post.

Bloomberg’s digital campaign strategy has also received attention recently for its unconventional effort to pay influencers to spread pro-Bloomberg content in an effort to make the former New York City mayor popular among their large online followings.

Facebook and the Bloomberg campaign did not immediately respond to Business Insider’s requests for comment.

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