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Elizabeth Warren supporters express views on candidate at LA town hall



Before a crowd armed with posters reading “California for Warren” and “Dream Big, Fight Hard,” presidential candidate and Sen. Elizabeth Warren appeared in Los Angeles Wednesday evening at her 127th town hall.

The Massachusetts senator was joined by several members of her family. Her 14-year-old granddaughter, who refers to Warren as “Gammy,” introduced her on stage.

Warren addressed a wide variety of issues at the heart of her campaign, including universal health care and child care, free tuition for public colleges, and her proposed wealth tax and how the allocated funds will be distributed to different causes like canceling student loan debt, because — of course — she’s got “ a plan for that.”

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She laid out her three-point plan to the estimated 4,000-person audience: part one, address the corruption in the government; part two, make structural changes to the economy; and part three, protect our democracy.

The Democratic candidate said that she wasn’t too concerned on winning the favor of big businesses in the US, in response to an audience member’s question; rather she wants to focus on policies that impact a bigger share of the country.

“The way I am going to do this is person-to-person, face-to-face … because I believe that that is the way that we will win in November 2020,” Warren said to the audience, “and that we will start to make big structural change in January 2021.”

We talked to six attendees at the Warren town hall to hear their thoughts on the presidential hopeful:

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