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Donald Trump’s family tree – Business Insider



Donald trump family treeSkye Gould/Business Insider

After a long, mostly successful career as a real-estate mogul and
TV personality, Donald Trump conquered the presidential election
process and now stands as the 45th president of the United

It’s perhaps no surprise he garnered the most headlines and
attention on his path to the presidency — his family has been an
institution since the era of World War I.

Fred Trump built a fortune of as much as $300 million by the
time of his death, and his son has built on it. Donald Trump has
claimed he’s worth more than $10 billion,
though independent estimates put it at more like $3 billion.

How Trump built on that wealth, however, has come under intense
scrutiny lately amid a New York Times report that
concluded Trump engaged in “outright
to avoid taxes as he inherited his father’s wealth.

The graphic below depicts Trump’s wide-ranging family, which
includes five children from three wives.

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