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Davos: List of world leaders going to the World Economic Forum



The biggest names in politics in business descend upon the snowy Swiss town of Davos next week for the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting.

A huge snow dump might be wreaking havoc locally, but the event will aim to project a message of calm togetherness under the theme of “Globalization 4.0.”

Put simply, the annual meeting will reflect on building more inclusive societies and introducing better protections for vulnerable communities.

But that message could already be at risk of being overshadowed. US President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron have cancelled their trips to Switzerland as they deal with divisive domestic issues.

Trump is dealing with a government shutdown over his Mexico border wall plan, while Macron is addressing the so-called Yellow Vest protests.

But while Trump and Macron are staying at home, there are plenty of other world leaders and royals attending Davos. Scroll on to see who will be in Switzerland next week.

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