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David Koch’s nephew in line to take his spot, shift away from politics



The “Koch brothers” became a household name thanks to the conservative legacy, network, and $100 billion company spearheaded by David and Charles Koch. Now, Koch Industries has confirmed that 79-year-old David had died, after a 27-year battle with prostate cancer.

With 83-year-old Charles remaining at the helm of the second-largest company in the US, hundreds of billions of dollars, a massive GOP voting bloc, and an exhaustive list of advocacy and policy initiatives running on the Koch family’s dime, it’s time for another Koch to step up and succeed David in the family business.

With all of David’s children currently under the age of 25, and Charles’ eldest child, Elizabeth, uninvolved in the Koch Industries or network at large, that role falls to Chase Koch, 42, Charles’ son.

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