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Contact details of senior Conservatives like Boris Johnson leaked by party conference app



Conservative party conference appConservative party

LONDON — A major design flaw in the Conservative party’s
conference app for mobile phones gave users access to the contact
details of hundreds of government ministers, MPs and prominent

Theresa May’s Conservatives will gather in Birmingham, England
tomorrow for its annual autumn conference, with the party’s most
senior figures set to attend the four-day event.

However, it emerged on Saturday that the mobile phone app created
for conference goers had a major security flaw that allowed users
to look at the contact details of attendees, including those of
very senior politicians.

The loophole, now rectified, allowed anyone who downloaded the
app to log in to the personal profiles of politicians including
former foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, and ministers like
Philip Hammond and Michael Gove.

Twitter users have reported being able to change the personal
details of senior politicians. The contact details of
Conservative MPs, party members, and prominent journalists could
also be seen.

Business Insider has contacted the Conservative party for

Guardian columnist Dawn Foster, was one of the first people to
notice to design flaw. She tweeted: “FFS, the Tory conference app
allows you to login as other people and view their contact
details just with their email address, no emailed security links,
and post comments as them.”

“They’ve essentially made every journalist, politician and
attendee’s mobile number public. Fantastic.”

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