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Conference organiser assaulted at Conservative Party fringe event in new security breach



Conservative party conferencePeter

  • Conservative party conference has been hit with another
    security breach after an organiser of a fringe event was
  • According to sources in the room, a journalist slapped
    the organiser of the “The erosion of freedom, the rule of law
    and autonomy in Hong Kong” fringe after being asked to
  • The event was chaired by Conservative MP Fiona Bruce,
    who is a vocal supporter of improving human rights in Hong
  • The security breach comes after the email addresses and
    phone numbers of Cabinet ministers was accidentally made public

BIRMINGHAM – The Conservatives face another security scandal
after a conference organiser was assaulted at a fringe event on

A female attendee wearing a media pass began to shout at the
panel of a fringe event on “the erosion of freedom, the rule of
law and autonomy in Hong Kong,” according to sources in the room.
She shouted that the panel were being anti-Chinese, and were

David White, who attended the panel, said: “A woman then
started speaking, then shouting at the panel along the lines of
them not being properly Chinese and being puppets.

Someone asked how she got in and she said she was a journalist.
After a minute, a young guy who was involved in organising went
over and asked her to leave. She made some derogatory
comments…and she slapped him, then I think she slapped or tried
to slap a woman who intervened.

“After quite a while conference centre staff turned up and led
her out, in the interim someone had held onto her to stop her
hitting anyone and she continued shouting.”

Three other attendees confirmed this description of events to
Business Insider. 

FILE PHOTO: Conservative Party MP Jacob Rees-Mogg arrives at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester, Britain October 3, 2017. REUTERS/Hannah McKay
Party MP Jacob Rees-Mogg arrives at the Conservative Party
conference in Manchester


Security Issues

Despite recent security issues at Conservative Party conferences,
those in the room said that the response to the aggressor was
especially slow. 

There had been much talk of security at the conference already,
after the Conservative party conference app inadvertently leaked
the personal phone numbers of Cabinet ministers, after inputting
the publicly available email of MPs. 

Worse still, this security breach was not flagged to MPs by CCHQ,
but was circulated among MPs in the parliamentary
party’s WhatsApp

Last year Prime Minister Theresa May was interrupted by a
comedian handing her a P45, and was escorted away by
volunteer steward Daragh Quinn

The Conservative Party have yet to respond to a request for

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