winnebago RVWinnebago is raising prices.Ann Johansson/Getty Images

  • President Donald Trump’s import taxes are meant to help US manufacturers by making foreign products more expensive, but some companies say the costs are likely to trickle down to American consumers.
  • Several companies have either already raised their prices or say they plan to as a result of the tariffs.
  • According to Labor Department estimates, the average cost of washing machines went up by 17% in the past three months.

President Donald Trump’s tariffs are leading to higher import costs for US companies, and it’s American consumers who are likely to bear the burden.

While the White House has pointed to national security issues as justification for the tariffs, there’s also a practical economic component to Trump’s duties. The tariffs on foreign imports such as washing machines, steel, and aluminum are designed to make foreign goods more expensive and therefore US manufacturers more appealing.

Since these tariffs have been in place, several US companies including Coca-Cola and Winnebago have said they have been forced to raise prices on the consumer’s side. Others are threatening to follow suit. 

According to the Labor Department, the average cost of washing machines was up 17% in just the past three months, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Here’s a list of some of America’s best-known brands who have spoken out about the new tariffs and either raised prices already or say they plan to: