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Chuck Todd: Huge voter turnout makes it impossible to predict midterms



chuck todd
Todd appeared on the “Today” show Monday morning to discuss the
midterm elections.


  • “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd appeared on the “Today” show
    Monday morning to discuss the midterm elections.
  • Todd said the voter turnout could cross the 100 million mark.
  • Such a high turnout renders predictive polls practically
    useless, he said.

Early voting numbers suggest that Tuesday’s elections will have
one of the highest voter turnouts for a midterm election in
recent years.

But while it’s good that Americans are exercising their civic
duty, it makes predicting the outcome of the election almost
impossible, according to “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd.

Todd appeared on the “Today”
show on Monday to discuss the midterms, which Democrats are
hoping will win them back control of the House, and possibly the

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Todd says he expects the vote to cross the 100 million mark, and
that the numbers he’s seeing so far are more like the engagement
one would see for a presidential election, which are far more

“When you have a turnout like this, it’s gonna make pollsters
look ridiculous, not because they don’t do a good job, but
because you can not accommodate for all these new voters in any
sort of model,” Todd said.

Pollsters ran into a similar issue during the last election, when
a wave of voters turned out to vote for Trump. Almost every poll
at the time predicted Hillary Clinton winning the race.

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