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Christine Blasey Ford describes seeing Mark Judge after alleged assault



Christine Blasey Ford testimony
Blasey Ford testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee in
the Dirksen Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill September 27,
2018 in Washington, DC.

McNamee/Getty Images

  • Christine Blasey Ford described Supreme Court nominee
    Brett Kavanaugh’s friend Mark
    who she says was also in the room when
    Kavanaugh allegedly assaulted her, as “looking ill” upon seeing
    her several weeks later.
  • Ford has accused Judge of laughing and playing loud music as
    Kavanaugh pinned her down on a bed and tried to rape her. Judge
    has fully denied being a part of the alleged incident. 
  • Follow live updates from Ford’s
    testimony here. 

While testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Supreme
Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh allegedly assaulting her in the
1980s, Christine Blasey Ford described Kavanaugh’s friend Mark
who she says was also in the room during the
attack, as “looking ill” upon seeing her several weeks later.

Responding to questioning from Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois, Ford
recounted seeing Judge “six to eight weeks” after the assault at
the Potomac Village Safeway grocery store in suburban Maryland,
where he worked at the time.

“Mark Judge looked like he was working there, arranging the
shopping carts,” she said. “I said hello to him and his face was
white and very uncomfortable saying hello back. We had previously
been friendly at the times we saw each other over the previous
two years.”

She continued: “I wouldn’t characterize him as not friendly, he
was just nervous and not really wanting to speak with me. He
looked a little bit ill.” 

Ford has alleged in her prepared opening statement that Judge was
present in the room where she accused a 17-year-old Kavanaugh of
assaulting her at a gathering in suburban Maryland in the summer
of 1982. 

Earlier in her hearing, she said Judge aided and actively
participated in the assault. She accuses Kavanaugh of pushing her
onto a bed and attempting to rape her, playing loud music and
placing his hand over her mouth to keep her from crying out.

“They locked the door and played loud music precluding any
successful attempt to yell for help,” Ford described during her
testimony. “They both laughed as Kavanaugh tried to disrobe
me in their highly inebriated state,” she said, adding that she
even made eye contact with Judge at several points during the
assault, hoping he would help her. 

Judge thoroughly disputed that
the alleged incident ever happened in a submitted statement from
his attorney to the committee, and has not responded to
Democratic calls for him to testify under oath. 

Watch the full exchange here:

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