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China’s first homegrown carrier and new destroyer set sail



China's first domestically developed aircraft carrier, the Type 001A, is seen at a port in Dalian
first domestically developed aircraft carrier, the Type 001A, is
seen at a port in Dalian


  • The first China-built aircraft carrier — the Type
    001A — and the first of China’s Type 055-class
    guided-missile destroyers set sail for sea trials over the last
    few days.
  • Chinese military experts speculate that the two ships
    will be delivered to the People’s Liberation Army Navy within
    the next year to form a new carrier battle group.

China’s first homegrown aircraft carrier and the first of the
country’s new missile destroyers set sail for sea trials
recently, sparking speculation that a new carrier battle group
may be in the making.

The first of China’s advanced Type 055-class guided-missile
destroyers —
the Nanchang — set sail Friday from Jiangnan
Shipyard in Shanghai,
to the China Daily. The Type 001 aircraft carrier,
China’s first indigenously-produced carrier and the country’s
second after the Liaoning, followed suit Monday.

The focus of the carrier trials, the second this year, will be
the ship’s propulsion systems, but Chinese analysts believe these
trials could also look at command, communication, and management
systems, as well as the ship’s navigation and weapons systems,
the Global Times reported.

The Type 055 destroyer displaces 10,000 tons and is considered to
be the largest and one of the most advanced non-carrier warships
in Asia. The ship is expected to play a role similar to that of
America’s Ticonderoga-class cruisers and Arleigh Burke-class
destroyers and serve as a key escort for China’s aircraft carrier
battle groups,
to the South China Morning Post.

Chinese Type 055 Destroyer
Type 055 Destroyer

via YouTube

The powerful Chinese destroyers, which are closer in size to
cruisers, feature X band radar and 112 vertical launch cells set
up to fire HHQ-9 long-range surface-to-air missiles, YJ-18
anti-ship cruise missiles, CJ-10 land-attack cruise missiles, and
missile-launched submarine torpedoes. The ships are also armed
with 130mm dual-purpose naval guns and carry two anti-submarine

The Type 055 destroyer’s primary rival is said to be the US
Navy’s Zumwalt-class destroyer, which boasts a wide range of
advanced capabilities superior to anything China currently

The Type 001A aircraft carrier, while similar to its refitted
Soviet-era predecessor, is “improved in some
places,” Matthew Funaiole, a fellow with the China Power
Project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies,
Business Insider. “It has a newer radar, it’s a little
bit bigger, the flight deck is a little bit bigger, the island is
a bit smaller, so they have more space. it definitely has some
upgrades on it.”

More advanced carrier capabilities are unlikely, though,
until the unveiling of China’s third carrier, which is commonly
referred to as the Type 002.

China Type 001A aircraft carrierGetty Images

The two ships, the Type 001A and the Type 055 destroyer, are
expected to be delivered to the People’s Liberation Army Navy
within the next year or so, according to Chinese military
experts. The Type 055 destroyer would likely serve as an escort
ship for the Type 001A carrier, creating a new carrier battle
group with advanced combat capabilities.

The development of such platforms allows China to gain greater
experience with carrier operations as it seeks to project power
at greater distances beyond its shores.

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