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Cesar Sayoc Jr., suspect arrested in mail bombs: What we know, background, details



cesar soyac
A photo of suspect Cesar


  • Cesar Sayoc Jr, 56, has been identified as the suspect in
    connection with mail bombs sent out to several high-ranking
    Democrats and critics of President Donald Trump this week. 
  • Public records show that Sayoc is a career criminal, with
    arrests for battery and shoplifting. 
  • Photos of a van alleged to be Sayoc’s vehicle is covered in
    Trump and Republican-supportive bumper stickers.

The Florida man arrested in connection to the explosives sent in
the mail to several high-ranking Democrats and Trump critics has
been identified as 56-year-old Cesar Sayoc Jr., law-enforcement
officials said. 

Here’s what we know about the suspect so far.

The suspect lives in Florida but has ties to New York

Shortly after Sayoc was arrested in Florida on Friday morning,
multiple news outlets said he also had ties to New York, where
many of the bomb scares happened this week.

Public records show that the 56-year-old previously lived in
Brooklyn, New York. He lived at an address in the neighborhood of
Mill Basin, in 1987, according to the listing of his past

Public records show he has an extensive criminal history 

Sayoc’s criminal history goes back to June 1992, when he was
arrested in Florida for an unspecified crime.

Throughout subsequent years, he has been arrested at least 10
other times, in North Carolina as well as Florida. Most of the
charges are for petty crimes like shoplifting, but he has been
charged with battery and illegal possession of anabolic steroids
in the past, as well. He also has several traffic infractions on
his record. 

A van towed shortly after Sayoc’s arrest was covered with Trump
bumper stickers

Shortly after Sayoc’s arrest was announced Friday morning,
authorities were seen towing away a white van in Plantation,
Florida that was covered in pro-Republican and pro-Trump bumper
stickers, including one that read “CNN Sucks.” However, law
enforcement officials have not yet confirmed that the vehicle
belongs to Sayoc. 

screen_shot_2018 10 26_at_12.21.39_pmCNN

He is associated with multiple ‘Native American’ businesses

Public records show that he is the owner or connected to multiple
businesses with the term “Native American” in the name. According
to these records, he is the president of “Proud Native American
One Low Price Drycleaning, Inc.” and the manager of “Native
American Catering and Vending,” both based out of Hallandale
Beach, Florida. 

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