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Cards Against Humanity surveys show how inconsistent Americans can be



Cards Against Humanity — the game millennials love to play, just not always with their parents — conducted a series of political surveys over the past year and a half, which have been shared exclusively with Business Insider.

Dubbed “Pulse of the Nation Poll,” the findings highlight some of the hilarious, yet troubling inconsistencies in Americans’ political views, both on the Democratic and Republican side.

For instance, take liberals who think it’s fair for Hollywood actors to make millions of dollars for the films in which they star. According to the Pulse of the Nation Poll, half of those same people think it’s unfair for corporate CEOs to make that kind of lavish salary. As Cards Against Humanity puts it: “CEOs = faceless, evil conservatives. Movie stars = cool liberals I want to be friends with.”

Then there’s the border wall issue, at the center of the longest government shutdown in US history. More than half the people who support President Trump’s border wall think that if they themselves were trying to enter the United States illegally, they would be able to get passed it.

The company says that for its surveys, between 800 and 1,000 people were polled each month from September 2017 to August 2018.

Here are the Top 10 findings from Cards Against Humanity’s Pulse of the Nation:

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