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Brett Kavanaugh’s Yale colleagues who once defended him are flipping



Brett Kavanaugh
Brett Kavanaugh.
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  • Several of Brett Kavanaugh’s Yale colleagues who endorsed his
    confirmation to the Supreme Court are now calling for an
    investigation into the sexual assault accusations he’s facing.
  • Kent Sinclair, Douglas Rutzen and Mark Osler, all signed an
    August 27 letter from Yale Law School alumni to the Senate
    Judiciary Committee defending Kavanaugh’s character.
  • Kavanaugh is set to testify with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford on
    Thursday. Ford has accused Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her
    when they were both teenagers in the 1980s.

Several of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Yale colleagues who signed a
letter publicly endorsing his nomination to the Supreme Court in
August, are now voicing their support for an investigation into
sexual assault accusations made against him.

Kent Sinclair, Douglas Rutzen and Mark Osler, were among nearly
25 of Kavanaugh’s law school classmates who signed a letter
August 27 to the Senate Judiciary Committee, praising Kavanaugh’s
former judiciary accomplishments in support of his confirmation
to the nation’s highest court.

But the three Yale alumni told
The Washington Post
in a story published on Tuesday that they
agree there should be an investigation into sexual assault claims
that emerged this month from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, who said
Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when the two were in high

A second woman, Deborah
, claimed Kavanaugh exposed himself to her while they
were in college at Yale. Kavanaugh has adamantly denied the

Both Kavanaugh and Ford are set to testify before the Senate
Judiciary Committee on Thursday. And the vote for Kavanaugh’s
confirmation is scheduled for Friday.

“The confirmation process should be conducted in a way that
fosters trust in the process and the Supreme Court, and that
seriously considers allegations of sexual violence,” Sinclair and
Rutzen told The Post, adding that the latest allegations from
Ramirez deserve “a fair and credible investigation.”

The three joined Yale law professor Akhil Amar, who once taught
Kavanaugh and who also publicly endorsed his qualifications for
the Supreme Court, in their collective assertion that there
should be an investigation. Current Yale law students staged

a sit-in on campus Monday
to demand the same.

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