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Brett Kavanaugh: Vote for his confirmation onto Supreme Court



Brett Kavanaugh
Kavanaugh testified in front of the Senate Judiciary committee
over sexual assault allegations made by Christine Blasey

Erin Schaff-Pool/Getty

  • Senate Judiciary Committee members will vote Friday on
    Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme
  • They listened to testimony from him on Thursday as he
    denied sexual assault allegations from Christine Blasey Ford,
    who also testified.
  • Kavanaugh may get the votes he needs to progress. Then
    the full Senate would have to vote to confirm
  • Kavanaugh could be on the court by Wednesday. Here’s
    what needs to happen.

Brett Kavanaugh sought to secure his seat on the Supreme Court
with emotional testimony on
Thursday during which he denied sexual assault allegations
against him.

But there are more steps to come in the process, which depends on
the support of the Senate.

  • The first key vote on his nomination is due to take place on
    Friday morning, when members of the Senate Judiciary Committee
    will cast their votes.
  • In general, Democrats are expected to vote against Kavanaugh
    while Republicans are expected to endorse him, although there are
    a few key senators on the fence. Republicans hold an 11-10 majority on the
  • If his nomination is approved, Kavanaugh’s nomination will
    move to a vote in the full Senate. Majority Leader Mitch
    McConnell could still move the nomination to the full Senate even
    if Kavanaugh does not have the votes in the committee.
  • The
    Senate would then vote on a motion to proceed
    , a procedural
    vote that could happen as early as Saturday, Sen. John Cornyn told reporters after
    Thursday’s hearing. 
    This motion requires only a
    simple majority of Senate votes.
  • Then a cloture vote, which ends debate on the nomination,
    could be held on Monday, Cornyn said. This would also need a
    majority vote.
  • The final vote could come late in the day Tuesday. Kavanaugh
    would need a simply majority of votes.

If he gets the votes, Kavanaugh could be confirmed to the court
by Wednesday.

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