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Brett Kavanaugh: Ramirez lawyer says GOP not showing up to meetings



Brett Kavanaugh Chuck Grassley
Kavanaugh (right) is led by committee chairman Republican Chuck
Grassley during his Supreme Court confirmation hearing on
September 4.

Mark Wilson/Getty

  • A lawyer for Deborah Ramirez, who alleges Supreme
    Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh exposed himself to her at a
    college party, said Republicans are not showing up for
    scheduled appointments.
  • Only Senate Democrats showed up to a call that was
    scheduled for Tuesday, John Clune, Ramirez’s lawyer told
  • Clune tweeted that Republicans had “refused to meet all
    scheduled appointments” and that the party kept changing the
    conditions of any phone call between the teams.
  • “Ms. Ramirez is ready to swear to the FBI under penalty
    of perjury. Why won’t the Senate Judiciary Committee welcome
    that?” he tweeted.
  • The panel’s vote on Kavanaugh’s confirmation set
    for Friday. He denies all allegations against

A lawyer for Deborah Ramirez, Supreme Court nominee Brett
Kavanaugh’s second sexual misconduct accuser, said that
Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee have failed
to meet scheduled appointments to discuss her allegations.

John Clune, Ramirez’s lawyer,
told CNN’s Anderson Cooper
on Tuesday night that only Senate
Democrats showed up to a call that was scheduled at 7 p.m. on

“Only the minority party showed,” he said. “So, feels
like there’s a lot of game-playing that’s going on right now by
the majority party.”

Clune tweeted on Tuesday that Ramirez wanted to talk about her
allegations of Kavanaugh’s sexual misconduct with the committee
after the New Yorker published
her story on Sunday.

We reached out to the Senate Judiciary Committee to
schedule a call to discuss how best to bring them that
information and they have refused to meet all scheduled
appointments,” he wrote.

“We have officially requested an FBI investigation and our
client remains adamant that is the appropriate venue for her to
discuss her trauma.”

Ms. Ramirez is ready to swear to the FBI under penalty of
perjury. Why won’t the Senate Judiciary Committee welcome

Clune did not elaborate on what other “scheduled appointments” he
was referring to, beyond the phone call on Tuesday. He said that
his team had been “working hard” to cooperate with the
committee, but he now felt he had to “point out some hard

“Every time we try to set up a phone call, the majority
party either changes the rules of the phone call or they want
additional information as a condition of even having a phone call
with us,” he told CNN.

Ramirez has accused Kavanaugh of exposing himself to her
when they were in college in the 1980s.

Kavanaugh is scheduled to testify before the Senate
Judiciary Committee on Thursday, as is Christine Blasey
Ford, who has accused him of a sexual assault during a high
school party.

The White House has said that it is open to hearing
testimony from Ramirez. 

Clune called for an FBI investigation into the allegations.

This has to be done by FBI…with the threat of perjury,”
Clune said on CNN. “Our client’s willing to do that. I’d be very
interested to see whichever witnesses Judge Kavanaugh actually
has remaining … if they’d be willing to do the

Clune was speaking in light of the news that some of
Kavanaugh’s former classmates in Yale had

names off a statement denying Ramirez’s allegation.

Kavanaugh denies all of the allegations and has been
supported by President Donald Trump.

The panel’s vote on Kavanaugh’s confirmation set
for Friday.

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