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Boris Johnson called rude for putting foot on table in Élysée Palace



Boris Johnson has been labeled “rude” and “embarrassing” after being pictured putting his foot up on a table in the Élysée Palace during a meeting with the French President Emmanuel Macron.

The picture followed a meeting between the two leaders on Thursday during which Macron ruled out a fundamental renegotiation of Britain’s Brexit deal.

Johnson’s biographer Sonia Purnell was among the social media users criticising Johnson’s posture in the picture.

“Rude and embarrassing. Imagine if Macron put his foot on the table at Buckingham Palace,” Purnell tweeted.

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The Sun Newspaper’s Political Editor Tom Newton Dunn also responded to Johnson’s “manspreading,” adding “That should win Manu round.”

Other social media users labeled Johnson’s behaviour as “entitled” and “unbelievable”.

However, Brexit campaigner Darren Grimes suggested the photo was a sign of Johnson’s strength in talks with the EU.

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