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Bombs to John Brennan, Wasserman-Schultz, misspelled on envelopes



cnn bomb
package and bomb sent to John Brennan at CNN’s New York newsroom
on October 23, 2018.


  • Mail bombs sent to prominent Trump critics on Tuesday were
    littered with spelling mistakes, according to a report by NBC.
  • One addressed to former CIA Director John Brennan, which
    Business Insider has seen pictures of, misspelled his name
    “Brenan” and mistook the TV network he contributes to.
  • NBC News reported that one sent to former DNC
    chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz had her surname spelt
    “Shultz” and spelled Florida, her home state, as “Florids.”
  • Five reported bombs are under investigation by security
    forces, addressed to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, George Soros,
    John Brennan, and Eric Holder. 
  • Wasserman-Schultz was reportedly listed as the sender on all
    the packages, and is said to have received a package meant for
    Holder which got sent to her after a failed delivery.

Envelopes containing pipe bombs which were sent to former CIA
Director John Brennan and former DNC chair Debbie
Wasserman-Schultz are littered with spelling errors, circulated
photos of the packages show.

The parcel containing a pipe bomb and an envelop of white power
sent to the ex-CIA chief was addressed to “John Brenan,” and sent
to the wrong network, according to images of the package seen by
Business Insider.

An image of a second package, on its way to Wasserman-Schultz,
had errors as well,
according to NBC News
. Business Insider has not been able to
verify the second package.

Here’s is a photo of it, shared by counter-terror academic
JJ MacNab:

As well as spelling his surname wrong, the Brennan package was
addressed to the New York City newsroom of CNN, which is not
where he works. Brennan is a contributor to NBC and MSNBC, which
are based in the Rockefeller Center.

Wasserman-Schultz reportedly got the second package,
originally intended for Eric Holder, former Attorney General
under President Barack Obama.

Wasserman-Schultz was listed as the sender, NBC said, so
got the package when a delivery to Holder could not be

The images of both packages show Florida spelled “Florids,”
and the street name Sawgrass Parkway spelled ‘Saw Grass”
The person who made the packages also
spelled her name “Shultz” and omitted the hyphen from her

Business Insider previously reported
 five bombs have
been found in total, intended for Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama,
liberal donor George Soros, John Brennan, and Eric Himpton

Wasserman-Schultz was listed as the sender on all five
packages, the
Miami Herald reported on Wednesday.

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